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That New Puppy Smell October 30, 2009

Well, we did it. We got a new puppy. After a year of researching different breeds of dogs, attending dog shows, and interviewing different breeders we got a purebred American Cocker Spaniel puppy. We picked him up from the breeder on Saturday and named him “Jasper”. The green in his ear is from his tattoo.


If it were just up to me, I probably would have been able to resist the urge of adding yet another animal to our family (we already have 2 cats) but my daughter simply wanted a dog sooooooooo badly. I warned her about all the work that a dog would be and what exactly would be expected of her but this didn’t phase her one bit. Truth is, I already knew that she was responsible enough to take care of a puppy – she’d proven this to us time and time again with how good she was with helping out with her own sibling.

Jasper Sleeping

So now we have this adorable 9 week old puppy in our mix. We are crate training him and so far that’s going pretty well. He’ll retire to his crate on his own now when he’s feeling sleepy. Unfortunately, he’s not entirely housebroken yet. That means that despite our best efforts and regular trips outside to “go potty”, our floors are taking a beating. BTW, thanks for returning my carpet cleaner Cindy!

Jasper outside

Jasper Rope

Jasper & Indiana

In the interest of making this post somewhat relevant to real estate, I thought I’d give some tips and suggestions to those of you who are also dog owners and are trying to sell your house.

1. Make the assumption that every prospective buyer that comes through your home is NOT a dog lover. This will help you to better scrutinize your own home when preparing it for sale. 

2. If at all possible, remove the dog(s) for any and all showings. Some prospective buyers may feel uncomfortable with a dog barking at them from the end of a chain or from within a crate or worry that they may not be as friendly as they would hope.

3. Remove all obvious evidence that you have a dog. Pick up dog toys, stow away the food and water dishes to an unobtrusive location in the house, pick up all the “landmines” in the yard. Vacuum everyday. Do a fresh coat of paint where Fido may have scratched or chipped it away.

4. Get a friend or neighbour to do a “smell test” for you. Dogs often leave a lingering odour that can be offensive to prospective buyers. Treat any pet related stains/odours with an enzyme formula which can be found at any pet supply store. We got a bottle Natural Chemistry’s Smells & Stains from Pet Valu for about $10.  


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