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Welcome Back Paula! (Seriously where the heck have you been?) August 11, 2011

So…it’s only been like…18 months since my last post. Not bad, not bad at all (hangs head in shame). Truthfully, it’s been on my mind to continue these blogs but I’ve been telling myself that tweets and status updates on Facebook were kinda the same anyway (and much less work). Yeah, okay…I just got lazy. Well no more! After some encouragement from a fellow Realtor to start up again (thanks Pat!) here I am.


There have, obviously, been a few changes in my life since my last post. First, Re/Max Town Centre is no more. My previous broker/owner decided he wanted to start scaling back for retirement and so, he sold the brokerage to another Re/Max company. We now operate under Re/Max Realty Solutions. Same location, same phone number. To be quite honest, most of the general public have not even noticed the change. However, we now have sister offices out of Ottawa, Almonte and Carleton Place so there are more locations to serve you!


Second, I just sold my own house. We’re moving because we have found our perfect home in the country and we’re all excited to get out there and spread our wings a little more. Settled on 2+ acres with an above ground pool (both I gotta pack.

of my kids are foaming at the mouth for their first swim) it has pretty much everything we’ve been looking for at a price we can afford. Only took us 12 years to find it. Not too shabby.


The whole experience has certainly given me some fresh perspective of the home buying/selling process. It has allowed me to empathize a lot more with my clients. It has taught me that as challenging as it can be at times to sell someone else’s house, it is infinitely more so with your own. For example, getting constructive, honest feedback is somewhat difficult when it’s your own house as buyers/other Realtors are worried about offending (and rightly so, my house is THE BEST house ever built and there is absolutely nothing about it that needs to be changed…yeah, right. If I truly believed that, why in the world would I be moving?)


I also learned how difficult the home buying process can be, especially when you *gasp* get emotionally involved. Like I said, 12 years I’ve been searching for the right house for us and once I found it, dammit, nothing was going to get in my our way. In this case though, my heart said yes and my head also said…yes. In other words, it was a no brainer.


Till next time,