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Don’t Be A Jerk While You’re At Work October 2, 2009

So I was sitting down on Wednesday evening to watch HGTV’s newest show “Realtor vs. Realtor” and it was great! I have to admit, based on the title of the show, I was expecting things to get a little more confrontational, however, both individuals remained professional and the ribbing that occurred was strictly in good fun. We’ll see what future episodes have in store.


This program did make me think though. It seems that no matter what business you’re in or what career path you’ve taken, you’re going to run in to people who see things differently than you do. As my very wise Aunt once told me “different people have different personalities.” Real estate sales are no exception. 

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My first month working at the brokerage, I was attempting to negotiate a deal on a property with another agent who didn’t like my client’s counter offer – felt it was too low. My client was the buyer in this situation and the counter offer was based on the recent sales of the comparables in the area which I had reviewed with my client. When I politelyAngry Dog asked the other agent if they could explain to me the reasons why this particular property was priced so much higher than the others, the mood instantly changed. This agent became quite aggressive and starting attacking me verbally, criticizing the fact that I was new to the business (as though that was the reason for the property being overpriced). Although I was quite taken aback and could feel the words “listen, you douche” starting to rise up from my throat, I managed to keep my cool and hold my ground (as well as my tongue).


As cool as a...


A few months later, I was speaking with this same agent again (who incidentally no longer had the listing) and they confided to me that they did concur that the price had been too high. Thumbs Down 2


Thumbs UpWhile I have to give that agent kudos for attempting to get the best price possible for their client, there was absolutely no reason to chastise me for trying to do the same for mine. I firmly believe that one of the most important relationships you can have in this business is with your fellow agents and I always try to treat my colleagues with the same respect and courtesy that I would expect for myself.


A good reputation is very important in this business – not only with the public but also among your fellow real estate agents. Look at it from this perspective…imagine you’ve listed your home with a real estate agent who has a reputation among other agents as being *ahem* difficult to work with. Chances are, they’ll show their client(s) every other possible option before showing your home, just to avoid having to work with that agent. What’s that old saying again? Oh yes, “you’ll get more flies with honey than with vinegar…”


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