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Taking The Plunge September 25, 2009

February 4, 2008, a very significant date (well to me at least). This is the day I jumped off the figurative cliff Cliffinto theShark deep, churning, shark infested waters below. In other words, sink or swim time. At least that’s how I thought it was going to be.


I passed my last real estate registration course in the fall of 2007 and now had to decide which brokerage I wpaying moneyas going to work for and pay all my hard earned money to. Yes, you read that right. You have to pay to work in a real estate brokerage. How much you pay or how you pay it varies from brokerage to brokerage but that really wasn’t my primary concern. What was most important to me was that I work in a place where I thought I would get the best start possible. As it turns out, I made a great choice when I chose Re/Max Town Centre in Arnprior.


Now, I interviewed at several brokerages but ultimately chose Re/Max Town Centre for the following reasons:

1. The support – Just starting out, I wanted to make sure that my broker would be available to answer my questions and to help guide me. I also wanted to make sure that there was an offering of various training programs and that everything runs smoothly on the administrative end.

2. The brand recognition – Most people have heard of the Re/Max balloon. Being an advertising grad, I know that promotion and brand recognition is very important.

3. The people – I knew that it would be very important to me that I like and get along well with the other people at the office. I instantly felt at ease here.

4. Location – This may seem a silly thing but I really didn’t want to have to commute in to Ottawa again so a brokerage located in Arnprior was essential.


Having made my decision, I didn’t give my notice at Algonquin until January 2008 as I wanted to wait until after the holiday season (and until after I’d paid off my giant Visa bill) before saying adios to a regular income.


As it turned out, I made my first sale only two weeks after starting. It wasn’t a huge paycheck but man was I ready to give the couple who were my first clients a big wet kiss on the mouth. You just feel so especially appreciative to the people who are the first to use you as their agent. He was a colleague of my husband’s. He saw an ad in the paper for a property he and his wife were interested in and decided they would give this fledgling real estate sales rep a shot. So again, thanks guys!!

My first paycheck! And yes, I am a total dork for agreeing to have this picture taken.

My first paycheck! And yes, I am a total dork for agreeing to have this picture taken.

All in all, I’d say not a bad start. Certainly not as daunting as I initially expected, although I did still have a few concerns dancing around in my head. Where would my next source of business come from? Would the paychecks keep coming or was I a one trick pony? Would I really be able to make a go of this? Only time would tell.


‘Till next time,