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My First Post September 11, 2009

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Okay, so here goes….

I’m brand spanking new to blogging and don’t know quite what to expect. What I do know is that I’m looking for a forum to tell the public (or anyone who gives a rat’s ass) all about my “Adventures In Real Estate.” This means that I will be divulging my own experiences, trials and tribulations, frustrations and victories. 

Competition is fierce in this industry and there is bound to be some blood, sweat, and cheers along the way. Two years in the business and I already have plenty of stories, not to mention war wounds!! Expect absolute candour as I don’t have anything to hide (except maybe certain names and identifying details to protect the innocent and the guilty).

So whether you’re thinking about buying or selling your home in the future, have ever had a question about the inner workings of the real estate world, have been thinking about starting a real estate career of your own or just have a couple of minutes to kill, check out my blog.

‘Till next time… 



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